Introducing the new Cargo Commodity Division

July 2015

Oxford Insurance Brokers are delighted to announce that John Laudrum and James Laudrum have joined the company to form our new Cargo Commodity Division. Both John and James joined us in our Bevis Marks office in early July.

"I offer a very unique service to my clients being “cradle to the grave” from the initial quotation, to placing the insurance cover, processing and attaining agreement to all amendments throughout the policy period and, of great importance, handling every claim from first advice to collecting the claims documents, obtaining agreement to settle and, finally, assisting recovery agents to obtain a recovery from the Shipping Lines.

I work very closely with my clients on their loss mitigation, I am very proud to say that we have been very successful year on year with loss ratios running at 30% / 40%. It is very satisfying to have Underwriters wishing to be offered a line on the commodity cover."

- James Laudrum, 2015

If you wish to get in touch with James, please go to the “Contact Us” page.